About us

Be Extraordinary.

Our Work

With an array of shooting talent and our in-house creative, design and post-
production team, our passion is covering any moment in your life with professionalism
and technical skill while at the same time creating something unique, just for you.

Drawing from the past five years experience in specialized wedding coverage and
story-telling, we now offer new services responding to the needs of our clients. While
we do suggest packages, we can also work on bespoke solutions. Think of us as
your personal team, ready to support you in any moment of your life, be it a special
event, a portrait, requirements for your website or blog … or maybe something else
you have in mind. Our in-house team covers creative consultation, photography and
retouching, video coverage and editing and graphic design. We also have printing,
framing and album creation services.


Our Setup

Our all-female office is located in the Westin Hotel Mina Seyahi, Dubai.
Our team consists of designer, photographers, videographers, retouchers,
editors, coordinators.

We also have studios in Dubai when required or can easily come to your
location in the UAE.

For more information or to get a quote, get in touch with us!